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We’re putting the band back together!

Dear Patreons,

In the words of James Belushi from the first Blues Brothers movie: ‘We’re putting the band back together!’.

Tomorrow will be the first time in a LONG TIME to get a classic Masterlink Sessions line-up back together.

  • Tony Remy – guitar
  • Mike Outram – guitar
  • Mike Sturgis – drums
  • Joe Glossop – Hammond organ
  • Karl Vanden Bossche – percussion
  • Stefan Redtenbacher – bass, bandleader

and of course James (sound) and Leo (video) to complete this awesome reunion!

I’ve written a bunch of instrumental tunes and we’ll work out tomorrow which ones will work best. We are hoping to record 2 or 3 tunes – can’t wait to get in the studio with the team! Looking forward to sharing with you all.

In the meanwhile there will be Masterlink Session videos with singer-songwriter Jana Varga and the original session ‘Falling In Love Again’ by Connor Selby. The studio version was recently released as a single with a horn section, background vocals and all!

Thank you as always for your ongoing support! It is much appreciated.

Carpe funkem, Stefan

PS: In case you haven’t seen our Masterlink channel on the True-Live streaming platform – click HERE.

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