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UK Royalty Hamish Stuart doing a Masterlink Session!

Dear patreons, sorry for the relative long wait to get some news – creating the music has taken us away from the computers in the last few weeks (we’ve recorded 3 albums and 1 EP in this period).

It was our ABSOLUTE pleasure to have no other than the legendary Hamish Stuart in the studio and record his song ‘No more days’ with the MLP house band (Mike Sturgis, Mike Outram, Tony Remy, Dave Limina, Andreas See, Stefan Redtenbacher).  Creating music with the original member of the Average White Band was just fantastic! Can’t wait to present you with the video. Also, nice extra perk – I got to talk with Hamish after the session about the song and music and life in general. Leo, our cameraman/filmmaker just threw me into the ring but the result was a very open and inspiring conversation with the great man. We’ll share as soon as the rushes will come off the workbench. A very thrilled and excited Masterlink Session teams says goodbye for now – we’ll be back shortly.

Carpe funkem, Stefan

PS: in the words of Mark Ede (BigIAm):

“Well, just think, after playing/writing/recording with Average White Band, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr Chaka Khan, David Sanborn (Official), Atlantic Starr, Marvin Gaye,  George Benson, Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones and more, Hamish Stuart’s CV is now complete since he shared the floor with Stefan Redtenbacher who, for once, didn’t regale him with his Austrian ‘humour’ in the way the rest of us get regaled!! 🙂 Nice one boys, the roll call of Masterlink guests goes from the greats to true musical legends. #amazing!

It’s a brand new song, written by Hamish and can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Long live the King! ‘Hamish’ James Stuart  (dem Tudors got a right old beating!)”

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