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Transatlantic collaboration with Bungalow Paradise

Dear Patreons, we hope you are doing fine and are we really already heading towards October?

We are super-pleased to tell you about our first transatlantic collaboration. A while ago we were introduced to Robin Davey and Greta Valenti, a creative powerhouse of a couple living in Orange County, California.

It’s difficult to describe what Robin and Great do – they are super-creative, they are industrious, they drive hard and on top of it all – they are fun and great people.  They are musicians, film-makers, artists, enterpreneurs, consultants – the LOT and more. They also are producers of videos, movies and shows – like Live From Daryl’s House’ – a show that we really love! Check out their company Growvision and their kicking band Beaux Gris-Gris.

We did two Masterlink podcasts with Robin and Greta and they were a lot of fun. So much so that we were thinking of how else we could collaborate in the future. Bungalow Paradise being their brand new studio and their go-to musicians are not dissimilar to our Masterlink Sessions Surrey | UK set up. So we were throwing a lot of ideas around on how we could get a transatlantic collaboration going with artists that we love, chat and behind-the-scenes stuff…

…but first, Robin had this idea of collaborating on his guitar pedal show Pedalocolypse. So we invited no other than awesome blues man Scott McKeon into the Masterlink Studio and via a bunch of impressive technology (way above my pay grade), Robin, Leo and James hooked up a live video interview across the pond video with Scott.

The key concept for the pedal show is basicially  “Desert-Island-Discs-but-for-pedals” | “If you could only take three pedals with you into lockdown and/or the apocalypse, which ones would they be?”

And Scott showed up with three pedals and rocked the house – he has the most unbelievable guitar tone and the sounds he can create with his favorite pedals are really out there – in a brilliant way! One of the pedals is actually Scott’s very own and we didn’t mind at all that he left us his signature pedal as a gift when he left – what a nice perk! GUITARISTS! Check out the pedal HERE if you are a so inclined!

And for all of you, without further ado – watch the show here on the mighty Music Radar and give it lots of love – so we’ll do more!

This was the first of our transatlantic collaborations and certainly not the last. Expect more fun collabs to come!

In the meanwhile, stay safe, happy and wholesome. Your continued support means the world to us!

Kind regards, Stefan and the entire MLS team

PS: Can’t wait for Greta and Robin to come over to the UK and strut their stuff at Masterlink!


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