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‘The Masterlink Podcast’ episode 1 OUT NOW!

Dear Patreons,

Whilst we are navigating the current regulation maze to get our ‘Masterlink Session’ back up and running again we thought we’d like to start a ‘Masterlink Podcast’. 

HERE our first episode with Jo Harman‘s manager Mark Ede from BiGiAm.

James and I talked about the idea last Tuesday and we seemed to have run with the idea. So much so that yesterday our first episode was out on Spotify & Co.

I love when a plan comes together and quickly!

The title track for the Podcast is ‘Kerria Lacca’ from ‘The Hang’ by Redtenbacher’s Funkestra (recorded, mixed and mastered by James).

The sensational voice-over came courtesy of our friend and professional voice-over Gina Mellotte (you will have heard her voice many times on the BBC, ITV, Sky Sports, Bafta, MTV & literally to many to mention…)

As far as our concept – we’ve made a start with ‘Getting to know creatives in the Music Industry’. We will find our feet as we go along and one of the keys to making this a success will be to offer interesting topics to the world – like the one with Mark “How to become a successful ueber-indie” to not only offer interesting and informative content to our current friends and colleagues but also draw in a new crowd.

Our ‘inner circle’ is certainly excited about the podcast, so much so that we’ve already booked the first 10 spots within a couple of hours.

Please have a listen and if you have any thoughts – let us know.

New episodes each Saturday. Next up: Upcoming Blues artist Connor Selby.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Stefan and the entire MLS team

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