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The Masterlink Podcast #3: “How to follow your dream” with Sophie Ackroyd

Dear Patreons,

HERE is our latest podcast.  It was great fun to talk to producer Sophie Ackroyd.

We hope you’ll enjoy it! BTW, last night ‘Live at Masterlink’ with Hollie Rogers – what FUN!

In case you’ve missed it – feel free to watch HERE.

Here the ‘official’ description of our podcast if of interest:

Stefan and James talk to Sophie Ackroyd. Sophie is a London-based  songwriter-producer specialising in pop music. She has recently  completed the 2019/2020 studio residency at Spotify’s Secret Genius  Studio, where she spent 6 months working at Metropolis Studios.

Sophie tells us about her journey to becoming and a music producer.

Thank you for your support as always.

Carpe funkem, Stefan and the entire MLS team

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