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Redtenbacher’s Funkestra | Live at Masterlink | Pilot | THIS Friday

Bassist Stefan Redtenbacher live on stage with his band Redtenbacher's Funkestra.

Dear music lovers!

We have some very exciting news for you. This Friday, April 22nd at 19:30 GMT you can watch a live streamed concert of Redtenbacher’s Funkestra (a.k.a the Masterlink Sessions studio band) in front of an VIP audience.


To create this new experience for you we  have we have teamed up with Pete Mills from Send Hill Studios who will host and join our team in his large broadcasting space on the Send Hill compound. Find out more about Pete and his decades long work with Elton John HERE. A seriously experienced professional he has already helped us on numerous ocassions, the outstanding in the courtyard performance of ‘Blackbirds’ by Jade Like The Stone being one of them. We are looking forward to new fun and musical adventures with him.

The Masterlink Sessions have by now created about 100 videos and 12 live stream concerts. We want to expand and experiment with combing a live stream concert in front of a small and exclusive live audience, right on our doorstep.

Having discussed this in length with our streaming partner True-Live we feel that we might enter a new chapter to the Masterlink Sessions history, or at least add another creative string to our creative bow. True-Live are a an Austrian based independent and high-quality streaming company and have been an avid supporter of our live shows. Moving over to Pete’s larger broadcasting space is exciting to all of us as we now can invite an audience to cheer on the artists and in turn add a new dimension to the live stream and to the people who will watch from home.

As this is the first time please forgive any small niggles and all the stuff that might go wrong – there is a lot of tech involved and there are more people working behind the scenes than there will be musicians on stage. Nonetheless – we all will give our very best. Good thing that all the people involved want to put on a great show for the people in the room and at home and as there are no multi-national coperates involved we can work very dynamically between us. A true creative adventure!

This will be an up and close experience and  we hope you’ll feel that you are going to be in the studio with the band. Here a summary of what to expect:

WHAT | Redtenbacher’s Funkestra (instrumental five piece, brand new repertoire – Blues, Soul, Funk, Jazz – not nessesarily in this order:-)

WHEN | 19:30 GMT to 21:30 GMT (2 sets with a break in the middle to get a cup of tea)

WHERE TO WATCH | on our Masterlink channel on the True-live shows website.

SUPPORT | If you like what we do you can either ‘buy us a cup of coffee’ HERE (no subscription needed). OR become a Patreon and support us on a monthly basis HERE.

And here the lovely people to bring this show to you!

MUSICIANS (in alphabetical order of last name)

Carter Arrington | guitar

Pete Billington | keys

Piers Green | saxophone

Stefan Redtenbacher | bass

Mike Sturgis | drums


Leo Mansell | video & live stream (Masterlink Sessions)

Pete Mills | FOH & venue management (Send Hill Studios)

James Welch | sound & live stream (Masterlink Sessions)

Andreas Gatterbauer | live stream (True-Live Shows)

Christoph Endt | live stream (True-Live Shows)

George Marsh | studio assistant

Joe Anderton | venue management assistant

We are all very excited about this and thank you for coming on an adventure with us! Tell your friends and family about this and if you like the show – make sure to hit the TIP JAR to support the significant amount of people who are involved in bringing this unique experience to you.

Kind regards, Stefan and the entire Masterlink Sessions team


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