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Mutja Buena live in the studio

Mutja Buena live in the studio

Dear all, ever wanted to hear and watch Mutya Buena live in the studio? You don’t have to wait any longer!

Hello Mutya!

We recently had a fabulous time with no other than the fantasic Mutya (Sugababes) coming through the studio doors. We filmed and recorded two tracks with her and  above all were genuinely blown away by her fantastic singing and artistry!

The Team

Mutja came with here producer, multi-instrumentalist and all round powerhouse Andrew Kingslow who graced the Wurlitzer on the session alongside Stevie Watts on Hammond, Mike Outram and Carter Arrington (his first MLS) on guitar, Mike Sturgis on drums and me on bass (well, somebody had to do it :-).

James did a marvelous job as always and he and his studio assistent George were clearly enjoying themselves through the glass and Leo, knee brace and all was heroically filming with his hand-held Gimbal to make sure that all the viewers will get that up-close and ‘fly-on-the-wall’ feeling as if they would be in the room with us. Can’t get better than that!

Our Patreons will see it first

Naturally we can’t wait to share our creations with you. Our Patreons will be the first to get an exclusive viewing – any new supporters are always welcome – their contributions go towards feeding the team on session days and keeping our Vimeo Masterlink Session channel online.

In conclusion we are looking forward to sharing this with y’all. We hope you’ll enjoy Mutya Buena live in the studio.

Carpe funkem, Stefan and the entire Masterlink Session team

PS: In case you missed our recent podcasts – always time to catch up here – lot’s of variety and different topics have been covered AND all of them have been inspiring. Can you believe we are heading towards episode #40! We started in Feb this year and haven’t missed a week yet. Long may it last!

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