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Masterlink Sessions – ‘Season 2’

On 15th of December 2018 we’ve shot our first Masterlink Session – a ‘pilot’ – and little did with know how much fun the journey would hold for us then… To start out with – here the audio for our Masterlink Sessions ‘Season 1’ – Episodes 1 to16 on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure – click HERE.

We had a summer ‘break’ in August – not because we went to far away places to chill out or such, instead we cheerished a new arrival to the Welsh family – which, naturally has dominated James’ schedule just ‘a bit’ as you can imagine.

With the arrival of September – first up – new dates and confirmed artists:

Saturday, 27th of September: Jade Like The Stone (vox), Louise Marshall (vox)

Saturday, 12th of October: Sarah Jane Morris (vox) and TBC

Friday,  15th of November: Dave Limina (Hammond organ), Andreas See (saxophone)

Saturday, 7th of December: TBC

We are most likely to have more session in-between these monthly ones. The July Masterlink Sessions with Nat Martin, Izzy Holly and another one with Mike Farris will be released in the next 6 weeks – bringing us to 20 videos with at least 8 more to come!

Let us know if you can think of particular artists you’d like us to work with or if you had any particular tunes in mind!

It’s going to be a great new season! Thank you for supporting us – much, much appreciated!

Carpe funkem, Stefan + James

[photo by Rob Blackham]





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