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Masterlink Sessions milestones

Masterlink Sessions milestones, +100 videos, 50 podcasts, 13 live streams, 10 albums, +30 singles

The Masterlink Sessions proudly take stock of their creations since the start of their adventure. James, Leo and Stefan are looking forward to reaching even further heights after the summer break.

Let’s take stock

This current UK heatwave is not exactly helping with excuding copious amounts of energies during the day – however, it is conjucive to sitting down under a cool umbrella and taking stock what the Masterlink Sessions have been up to since James, Leo and Stefan started this adventure.

New partners

Lazy J Projects

What good fortune for tube guitar amp wizard Jesse Hoff from Lazy J Amps to move next door to the Masterlink Productions studio – home of the Masterlink Sessions courtesy of James Welch. Not only is Jesse a wonderful conversationalist – he is also kind enough to supply us with a seemingless endless supply of great amps – much to the delight of all the master guitarists that grace our sessions. What’s more – Jesse is also a singer-songwriter and plays a mean harmonica. And who would be his musical partner in crime? No other than our longstanding friend and rock’n’roll photographer Rob Blackham – who also sings and knows how to create some stonking guitar sounds. Who kew – Mike Sturgis and Stefan Redtenbacher recently played on their forthcoming EP – “That’s what friends are for”!

True Live Shows

The Austrian start-up True Live under the inspired leadership of Andreas Gatterbauer have become a keypartner for the Masterlink Sessions. To be exact – for their LIVE AT MASTERLINK activities. This ecompasses not only the live-streaming of exclusive concerts but also incoperating the shows into their growing show library. Basically, if music lovers and fans miss the live stream they can watch back at a later stage and tip the artists and production team after the event.

We have been working closely with the development of the ‘back-end’, basically allowing producers like the Masterlink Sessions to set up their own concerts. We are also very excited that after the summer we will be able to sell tickets for watching the live streamed concerts. Keep your eyes out for our Joni Mitchell tribute show on Friday, Oct 28. Full line-up to be confirmed – however, we can already tell you it will be an all-star affair.

The other key development for the Masterlink Sessions is being able to offer a live stream concert facility with a live audience of ca 30 people. Having a small crowd witness the live-streamed performance defintely ups the ante and brings a new level to the offering. This was successfully piloted with Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ‘Live at Masterlink’ which resulted in an album – available only to super-fans of the band.

And this also leads nicely to the introduction of another new key partner.

Send Hill Studios

We call Pete Mills ‘the godfather’ of Send Hill Studios. Pete has been running rehearsal and recording studios at Send Hill since the beginning of time – erm, actually, we think it was sometime in the 80s.

Pete can turn his hand to anything with audio equipment and else and no wonder he has been looking after Elton John‘s piano and stage needs for decades. He has a wealth of experience and we are super-pleased that he has joined our adventure by not only letting us use his big room on Send Hill for live streams but also for getting stuck in as front-of-house engineer plus all other logistics putting on this super-fan live show experience. This entails anything from creating a parking lot with his tractor to setting up a marquee, sorting out drinks and a myriad of other practical things that most of us don’t notice or take for granted. And what’s more – he is doing it with good and enterpreneurial spirit! We can’t wait to fill our diaries with these special live streams from his studio.

We are currently working on a PDF flyer to lay-out what the four of us have to offer to all artists. The combo of James, Pete, Leo and Stefan certainly is a formidable team in the making.

Also, as always a continued big thank you to our long-standing partners BiGiAm management (Mark Ede) and Blackham Images (Rob Blackham).


Right, withouth further ado and without pretense that we have managed to log absolutely everything (apologies if we missed anyone) – here a list of black/white numbers logging our creations.


Laura Evans ‘Drag Me Back In’
Georgia van Etten ‘Oh Mother’
Joanna Cooke ‘No Stranger To The Blues’
Joanna Cooke ‘Give It Up’
Jo Harman ‘A Case Of You’
Connor Selby x Masterlink All Stars ‘Santa Claus is Coming To Town’
Masterlink All Stars ‘Let It Snow’
Diana Silveira ‘Money Ain’t No Truth’
Masterlink All Stars ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’
Ross Stanley ‘A Case Of You’
Piers Green ‘Boogie On Reggae Woman’
Dave Limina ‘Chugg’
Nigel Price ‘Gravy Train’
Mike Outram ‘The Fool’
Leo Appleyard ‘Everywhere’
Vasilis Xenopoulos ‘No Way’
Ross Stanley ’Shiver Me Timbers’
Pete Billington ‘Crawdaddy’
Dave Limina ‘Squid Exit Music’
Tony Remy, Nigel Price ‘The What Factor?’
Tony Remy ‘Code 12’
Tucker Antell ‘Blood & Whiskey’
Horn House x Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ‘The One True Coin’
Nat Martin ‘House of the Rising Sun’
Piers Green ‘It’s On’
Hollie Rogers ‘Youth’
Jana Varga ‘Foreigner Face’
Jo Harman ‘Keep You Guessing’
Jana Varga ‘Deserve my love’
Connor Selby ‘That’s Alright’
Jade Like The Stone ‘Fire in the Blood’
Stevie Watts ‘Move over’
Restore Music UK ‘Music Superpower’
The R3 Collective ‘Cyprus Avenue’ ft. Jo Harman
Brent Carter & Friends ‘Work To Do’
The R3 Collective ‘Cloudy’ ft. Jo Harman


Connor Selby ‘My Baby Don’t Dig Me’, ‘Deep End’, ‘I shouldn’t care’
Global Funk Alliance ‘Funk Fishing’ (Shawn Lee, Speedometer, Cookin’ on Three Burners, Alan Evans, Filthy Six, Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, Michael Bendure)
Imogen Heap x Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ‘Tiny Human’
Mike Mayfield ‘Both Sides Now’
Eddy Smith ‘Saviour’


Connor Selby
Jade Like the Stone ‘7 Roads’
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ‘The Hang’
Hollie Rogers ‘Sinner’
Jana Varga debut album
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ‘Live at Masterlink’
The Masterlink Sessions Vol I
The Masterlink instrumental Sessions Vol I


‘The Joni Mitchell Vocal Project’ ft. Hamish Stuart, Jo Harman, Mike Mayfield, Sarah Jane Morris, Jana Varga
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ‘Jonky’
Dave Limina ‘Album #2’
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ‘Howling at the Blues’
‘The Joni Mitchell instrumental project’


Gemma Dorsett ‘Hunger’
Jo Harman ‘Signature Soul’
Scott McKeon ‘Live at Masterlink’
Blessing Anatolia ‘Live’
Grant Watson ‘Figure in a dark landscape’


Elles Bailey EP


The Coalminers ft. Tommy Hare
Ross Stanley and Jim Watson
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ft. Nichol Thomson
Ross Stanley and Paul Booth
Hollie Rogers Duo
Kat Eaton & Band
Scott McKeon & Band
Connor Selby & the Masterlink Sessions house band
Connor Selby Christmas show
Mike Mayfield solo
Nigel Price Trio
Jade Like The Stone & the Masterlink Sessions house band
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ‘Live at Masterlink’

Here is our BANDCAMP page and here our SPOTIFY playlist.


We are just shy of 50 podcast which we consider the end of our ‘Season 1’.  We are currently throwing ideas around how we are going to go about ‘Season 2’. In the meanwhile you can listen to all our episodes on any of your favorite digital platform. CLICK HERE for all options.


Stefan, Leo and James create live-in-the studio music videos and host live streams out of Masterlink Studios near London. The nucleus of the studio band is the versatile and experienced Redtenbacher’s Funkestra. We have produced videos and recording for Grammy Award winning artists, UK Voice winners, multi-national companies, legends of the UK music scene and support seriously good upcoming talent from all around the world.


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