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Masterlink Session | Jana Varga | singer-musician-songwriter

YES! This is right – we are announcing a ‘classic’ Masterlink Session to take place this coming Wed 5th of May – hooray! It is with singer-songwriter musician Jana Varga.

We’ll dust off our fly-on-the-wall camera and will ping you with the streaming URL in the next few days. We want to make sure that our Patreons get first hand experience on what’s going down in the studio.

The crew will be:

  • Jana Varga – vocals, guitar, piano
  • Mike Sturgis- drums
  • Tony Remy – guitar
  • Ross Stanley – Hammond organ, Wurlitzer
  • Stefan Redtenbacher – bass, bandleader
  • James Welch – sound
  • Leo Mansell – video

Can’t wait to create some awesome stuff with the entire MLS team!

On a different note – we released the Masterlink Podcast Episode #11 today:

“How to find your roots in a different land” with singer-songwriter Ben Hemming,

Listen HERE.

AND, last but not the very least – our awesome brand-new website is up. Please have a look around and tell us what you think, including any Gremlins you might spot. Your help is most appreciated!

Have a look-around HERE.

As always – a massive thank you to all our Patreons. We hope you are well, safe and happy! Have an awesome bank holiday weekend and ‘see’ you on Wednesday!

Kind regards, Stefan and the entire MLS team

Ben Hemming album cover | The Devil Beside Me

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