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Masterlink Session | BDR529 Illinois | Redtenbacher’s Funkestra | Blues

Dear all! Here is our brand-new Masterlink Session video: Redtenbacher’s Funkestra (a.k.a. the Masterlink Session house band) playing the Blues.

What’s up with the title?

BDR529 Illinois is the number plate of the infamous blues mobile driven by the Blues Brothers in the original movie – a black/white 1974 Dodge Monaco.

As always masterfully created by Leo (video) and James (audio) and Stefan (bandleader).

We hope you’ll like it. Thank you for your support!


Tony Remy – guitar

Mike Outram  – guitar

Karl Vanden Bossche – percussion

Mike Sturgis – drums

Joe Glossop – Hammond

Stefan Redtenbacher – bass, bandleader


Filmed and recorded at Masterlink Productions

Written, arranged and produced by Stefan Redtenbacher

Guitar amps courtesy of Jesse Hoff

Lamp on Leslie by Tom Traint


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