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Masterlink Christmas Show

Masterlink Sessions Blues and Soul Christmas Show Poster
Live at Masterlink | Blues & Soul Christmas Show | Georgia van Etten & Connor Selby with Redtenbacher's Funkestra
Live at Masterlink | Blues & Soul Christmas Show | Georgia van Etten & Connor Selby with Redtenbacher’s Funkestra

Masterlink Christmas show

I’m excited about the Masterlink Sessions annual ‘Live at Masterlink’ Christmas Show. This Blues & Soul Christmas show features Georgia van Etten and Connor Selby accompanied by the Masterlink Sessions studio band (A.K.A. Redtenbacher’s Funkestra).

It will take place at Send Hill Studios on Monday, 12th of December. This live-streamed concert in front of VIP guests will start at 19:30. Doors 19:00. We hope people will show up in their most christmassy attire.

If you want to be in room with us get your ticket from WeGotTickets HERE. If you want to watch the live-streamed concert, get your ticket from our favourite live-streaming parter TrueLive HERE.

For a limited time after the concert our VIP audience and live-streamers will have exclusive access to the unedited live streamed show.

The Masterlink Sessions Christmas journey


It all started when – at the time unsigned – Blues artist Connor Selby came to the studio to film a few Masterlink Sessions videos. This was in late 2020 with all Covid regulations firmly in place at Masterlink Productions Studio. We were ahead of schedule and wanted to play more. This is when we busted out a one-take video of ‘Backdoor Santa’ suggested by our trusted partner and videographer Leo Mansell. We had great fun playing this – so much so that we asked more of our friends to overdub parts from home (percussion, additional guitar and horns). This is how we ended up with this video (the in-studio rhythm section wearing masks and Connor ‘locked away’ behind the screens – Hollie Rogers and I nicknamed the space behind the screens ‘Bavarium Aquarium’).

Watch the Masterlink Sessions video of ‘Back Door Santa’ HERE.


After Connor and I discovered our mutual love for the music of Ray Charles and ‘Cronners’-  in addition of Chrimbo tunes – we decided to put on a live-streamed Christmas Show in 2021. We live-streamed out of James’ Masterlink Productions studio and had a blast. Our live-streaming partner did a great job helping us to bring our Christmas show to the world at large, peforming Christmas songs by the like of BB King, Ray Charles, Freddie King, Nora Jones et al.

Watch the Live at Masterlink video of ‘Santa Claus is Coming To Town’ HERE.


Subsequently bring on 2022 – Connor is now signed to the Provobue/Mascot label group as well as the renown heavy-hitter booking agency ITB (International Booking Agency). It felt only natural to organise a Christmas ‘thing’ third year running with Connor. Two notable additions – for one we love duets like ‘It’s Cold Outside’ and Australian Soul singer Georgia van Etten seemed a perfect fit for us. Her Masterlink Sessions video of her original ‘Oh Mother’ is still one of our favourites. She has been signed to the Canadian label Birthday Cake since and we have high hopes for her career in the future.

On a personal note – I do feel privilieged and proud that I produced Connor’s album which helped him to get signed. Of course, none of it could have happend without the trusted Masterlink Session collective (James, Leo, Mike, Liam, Tony, Louise, Andi, Richard, Paul, Gerd, Herman, Piers and our new friend Joe). Watch out for new songs to come!

Watch the 2022 Blues & Soul Christmas show HERE.

The band

As you know the Masterlink Sessions studio (or house band) is a collective loosely based around the Redtenbacher’s Funkestra. On this monday you’ll hear this line-up:

  • Carter Arrington | guitar
  • Joe Glossop | Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer
  • Mike Sturgis | drums
  • Stefan Redtenbacher | bass, bandleader

If this show goes down well we would L-O-V-E to have a horn section (and BVs) on top of it all. Financial really sadly doesn’t allow it at this point in time.

Live at Masterlink Production

Our production team is looking forward to this Blues & Soul Christmas Show. It will take place at ‘Send Hill studio’ – the largest room on the Send Hill compound. It is connected to James’ Masterlink Productions studio via fancy wiring.


  • James Welsh | audio
  • Peter J Mills | front of house, venue management
  • Leo Mansell | video
  • Stefan Redtenbacher | production
  • Rob Blackham | texile prints of his photos
  • Jesse Hoff | Lazy J guitar amps


Our trusted live-streaming partners True Live are on the other end of the live stream.

  • Christoph Endt | Technical producer
  • Andreas Gatterbauer | Producer
  • Jasmin Gatterbauer | Social Media Marketing


You can get some of our previous Masterlink Session Christmas renditions via the RSB Records Bandcamp store HERE.

Thank you

Special thanks to Mark Ede from BiGiAm for the introduction to Georgia van Etten and Connor Selby way back in the day. Very much appreciated!


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