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Live At Masterlink | Kat Eaton | The Joker

Dear Patreons, last Friday we (The Masterlink Sessions) hosted another live stream (Live At Masterlink). This time it was with Kat Eaton and her band.

Here is one song from the show called ‘The Joker’. Click HERE.

If you like what you see feel free to watch the whole show on True-Live – our streaming partner’s website. Click HERE.

As you probably noted we are morphing and adapting. We are The Masterlink Sessions and there will be more ‘classic’ Masterlink Session – we invite artists to create stunning live-in-the-studio videos with them. At the same time we have added our Podcasts to our offering (Click  HERE) and will continue to host live streams.

As always we are looking to find more lovely Patreons like you. Can you please let us know what you’d like to see from us and what you think other peeps would be excited about. Always happy to hear your feedback. Thank you!

Stay well, thanks for your support and until next time.

Carpe funkem, Stefan and the entire MSL


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