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Funkestra feat. Purdy – All these lives – out today!

This was another fun session! Purdy  was really cool about me messing with her song ‘All these lives’ – I don’t think she quiet knew what she was in for – however, I think she enjoyed it in the end:

“Here she is! Loved this collaboration with Funkestra. Thanks for having me and thanks to these amazing musicians for giving my song a new and different life thanks to Stefan Redtenbachers slinky re- arrangement. Great vibes!” (Purdy)

A first for our sessions was to start off with an ol’ skool drum machine, the legendary rhythm ace – pushed into action by Purdy. Also, having background vocals from the control room was also a first – James is a man of many skills and he not only recorded, mixed and mastered the session – he also sung BVs whilst we were recording – what a guy!

The two Mikes, Karl, Anders and last not the very least Purdy did a great job on this one and I really enjoy the chilled out vibe and groove!

As most of the time I’m playing my Hofner ‘Princess’ through my Ampeg Flip-top in the footsteps of Aston ‘Family Man’ Barret on Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’ and the very cool remix by Bill Laswell.

Leo did a great job capturing the vibes in the room without every getting in the way – he the man!

Have a look and listen:




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