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Free Shipping of Masterlink Sessions T-shirts this weekend

Dear Patreons,

I never was one for tacky T-shirts – cheaply made stuff ending up as landfill way to soon, not lovely to wear, etc. Recently I’ve stumbled across Teemill – a company based in the Isle of Wight – they work exclusively with organic cotton from North India and are ‘environmentally friendly’ in every step of production, including recycling of water, renewable energy, the packaging and finally their ‘circular economy’ – when your T-shirt has worn out they will recycle it.  Read their journey here. This is right up our street!

Selling merchandise, in particular T-shirts has been a standard staple for many touring bands – the merch stall (aside from ticket sales themselves) is where significant revenue (used) to be made. The Masterlink house band (aka the Redtenbacher’s Funkestra) are not a touring band and our previous experiences with T-shirts has been a mixed bag. Ordering large quantities of T-shirts required an initial outlay (this probably results in low quality product orders for artists to keep the ‘profit margin’ high), there was always head-scratching about the right sizes, storage issues (loft anyone?) and the actual selling on gigs (displaying them, selling them signing them, etc.) Some people do this really well, some others don’t.

I personally fall in to the later category:-) Hence my excitement about the Teemill discovery! Aside from their business and environmental ethics they are drop-shipping the T-shirts. This means that the whole process of ordering, shipping, returns (a big one), etc. is all taken care of by them. The profit margin is very low, however, it feels good to be able to offer T-shirts without squeezing human and environmental resources to the max!

So, without further ado – here the link to our current offering of Masterlink Sessions T-shirts for men and woman plus a selection of colors.

This weekend (1st to 3rd of August) Teemill are offering free shipping – maybe an incentive to grab your Masterlink Sessions T-shirt from the ‘collection’ HERE.

Any revenue will go back into our Masterlink Sessions operation (licencing fees, food, service subscription fees, coffee capsules, tee bags, petrol money, etc.) and as always, we are hugely grateful.

Carpe funkem, Stefan and the entire MLP team

PS: In case you’ll get yourself some organic cotton T-shirts with our logos – send us a picture and we’ll share with the world! You surely can do better than this:




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