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Get in touch if you want us to produce your live stream, music video, recording, or podcast. As a high-quality indie broadcasting and media team we are super-passionate about what we do.

Located in Surrey on the outskirts of London. Easy parking, load-in and great coffee and tea on arrival and this is just the start of your creative journey with us.

“James, Leo and Stefan are all committed to quality and detail but manage to pull this off while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere – a rare feat! Suffice to say Masterlink are producing some of the most special sounding recordings and filmings coming out of the UK at the moment.”

Mike Mayfield, artist

“In a world where ‘everyone’ can have a go at ‘making’ and releasing music, masterlink remains an oasis where real musicians and their invited guests perform organically with a rare level of skill and integrity, somewhat in the finest traditions of the golden age of music.”

Mark Ede, BiGiAm management

“Best recording experience I’ve ever had.. and can’t wait to return”

Gemma Dorsett, artist

“The Masterlink team are superb musicians who give each artist the attention they deserve. I love performing with them and look forward to the next time.”

Sarah-Jane Morris, artist

“Hey hey, the only guys in towns with great video skills, music vibes and sound creators like no other…”

Louise Marshall, artist

“I left my Masterlink Session with my song sounding better than I ever could have imagined”

Hollie Rogers, artist

“Great musicians, great vibes, honored to play with them!”

Moñtanera, Columbian artist

“Every Masterlink Session is a live music-masterpiece created by the most fun, hard-working humans I know. Such a dream team!”

Helena May, artist

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