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Both Sides Now | Live at Masterlink | EP

Both Sides Now | Live at Masterlink | EP

This ‘Both Sides Now’ Live at Masterlink EP features six songs from the live stream VIP concert. An homage to the songs of Joni Mitchell, or Joni re-imaged, featuring Mim Grey, Jo Harman and Mike Mayfield accompanied by Stefan Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, A.K.A. the Masterlink Sessions studio band.

Read the live-streamed VIP concert review HERE and the backstory HERE.

Watch excerpts from the live-streamed concert HERE.


1. Big Yellow Taxi | instrumental

2. Both Sides Now | ft. Mike Mayfield

3. A Case of You | ft. Jo Harman

4. Night Ride Home | ft. Mim Grey

5. River | ft. Mike Mayfield

6. Woodstock | ft. Mim Grey, Jo Harman, Mike Mayfield


Mim Grey | vocals, tambourine

Jo Harman | vocals

Mike Mayfield | vocals, guitar, keyboards

Pete Billington | keyboards, viola

Terry Lewis | guitar

Stefan Redtenbacher | bass

Mike Sturgis | drums


Video | Leo Mansell (Shoot and Splice Films)

Sound | James Welch (Masterlink Productions)

Studio assistant | George Marsh

FOH | Pete Mills (Send Hill Studios)

Live stream | Andreas Gatterbauer, Christoph Endt (True Live)

Show produced by the Masterlink Sessions


Guitar amps by Lazy J Amps courtesy of Jesse Hoff

Live at Masterlink was streamed from Send Hill Studio courtesy of Peter J Mills

All songs written by Joni Mitchell (Crazy Crow Music)

EP arranged and produced by Stefan Redtenbacher


If you want to book the ‘Both Sides Now’ show contact:

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