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We offer a one-stop high quality solution for any artist’s production needs. Need a band to play your song, an arrangement, sheet-music, top-notch pro musicians, background vocals, horn and/or string arrangements and pro players, all beautifully recorded, produced and filmed or live streamed.

The intention is always to record 100% live in the studio, nodding towards the great studio bands of the 60s like The Funk Brothers (Motown), The Swampers (Muscle Shoals) and The Mar-keys (Staxs). Capturing the energy and chemistry between the artist and the ‘crack’ studio band is at the heart of all their recordings. So far, over 80 videos have been produced featuring artists such as Hamish Stuart (AWB, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr), Sarah Jane Morris, US Grammy award winning Mike Farris, Sugababe Mutya Buena, Jo Harman, Orphy Robinson MBE, Louise Clare Marshall (Jools Holland) and many more.

THE MASTERLINK SESSIONS aim to not only feature some of the most established and respected names in the business, but also give a platform for emerging artists who truly have the talent to perform at the required level. Its ‘A&R’ advisory team includes BiGiAM Artist Services and other Management organisations geared to supporting credible artists with like-minded values. The studio band (a.k.a. Redtenbacher’s Funkestra) comprises this collective of musicians:

BASS Stefan Redtenbacher (bandleader, producer) DRUMS Mike Sturgis GUITAR Carter Arrington | Simon Johnson | Scott McKeon | Mike Outram | Tony Remy KEYS Pete Billington | Liam Dunachie | Joe Glossop| Ross Stanley | Stevie Watts (Hammond organ, Rhodes, Piano) PERCUSSION Karl Vanden Bossche



is the studio owner and all around audio wizard. He also knows how to bake a wicked sourdough loaf and can dismantle, repair and re-assemble Hammond organ quicker than you can put your shopping away.


is the MD, chief cat-herder, studio band leader and producer. Serious coffee addict and badminton fanatic. Only answers to the gods of music.


is our videographer and video maker par excellent. He nearly does anything for a bacon sandwich and loves American football. He also likes pina coladas, and gettin’ caught in the rain. He is not into yoga.


Rumer With The Funkestra At The O2 Indigo

Rumer with the Funkestra at the O2 Indigo

Rumer with the Funkestra at the O2 Indigo Rumer will be joined by the soulful Redtenbacher’s Funkestra for a one-off…

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